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Born in Hong Kong in 1974, Tse Yim On obtained his BA and MFA degrees from the Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. At 24, he was awarded the Hong Kong Urban Council Fine Art Award. He has participated extensively in various art exhibitions, and his works have been collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art and private collectors. He grew up in a typical Hong Kong housing estate and has been a witness to drastic political changes and socio-economic transitions.

Tse’s art is not confined to the canvas, it starts with his lifestyle, with eccentric vision and eclectic mix of cultural signs and it could end nowhere, or everywhere.  He overtly exposes his indulgence in erotic fantasies while blending them with socio-political icons, presenting a curious hybrid that brings forth a new taste in contemporary Hong Kong art. 


© Tse Yim On 2010-2013